An Open Letter to Elizabeth Warren


An Open Letter to Elizabeth Warren

Senator Warren,

As a second-year law student, antitrust advocate, and concerned citizen, I have a simple and straightforward request for you – run for president. Just do it. Erase any qualms you may have about the potential failure you think you will experience. Ignore the fatigue a campaign will bring you. Plead with your family for their support once your campaign commences and just do it.

I am aware that you have stated that you are not going to run, but I am going to respectfully dismiss your statement and simply plead for you to reconsider. 2

My reasoning is simple.

First, you are popular. 3 

Second, even removing the first reason, you have the vision to push the Democratic Party to be more progressive. Your stances are well-known and your direct non-ambiguous policy positions leave nothing for interpretation as to who you will fight for once you step into the Oval Office.  4

Third, the issues you advocate and support are on your side nationally, just consider marijuana legalization, 5 gay rights, 6 universal health care, 7 corporate consolidation, 8 financial regulation, 9 and many others. 10

Fourth, you are everything Donald Trump is not. A fierce and determined woman. 11 An intelligent academic. 12 A true advocate for the common person. 13

Fifth, even if you lose, your efforts, analogous to that of Bernie Sanders, will continue to be a loudspeaker for the progressive message. 14

Should you choose to pursue this venture, you need to start as soon as you are reelected to your senate seat in 2018. Additionally, before you embark on this long road ahead, be warned of the inevitable obstacles and events that will take place.

You will be attacked, hated, and despised because you are a woman. 15 Accept this now, call out the bigotry, and stay on message.

You will be called a radical, communist, socialist, and potentially even a godless heathen; again call out the absurdity and focus on the communication of your message and your positions on them. 16

Have a message and stay on message. Weave this message into every aspect of your campaign. This is something that often is forgotten with Democrats in general and is consistently followed by Republicans. 17

Although by some measures you do not need conservatives to win, I believe you need to win them over if you want the change you seek. Winning an election is not enough for change you seek – you need supermajorities. 18 The demographic shift toward urbanized communities, as evidenced by the 2016 Presidential Election, 19 do not carry enough of a nation-wide victory for the majorities you need – and some scholars even point out that Democrats need conservative support to win. 20 Thus, at least appealing to, although not necessarily enticing, conservatives is essential. 21 I am not proposing that you have to change your positions, but you need to communicate in a way that conservatives will understand and accept. You need to have bold ideas and a plan that is understandable and palatable to the common person. 22

Take absolutely nothing for granted. 23 Always think you are losing. Always think there is more that can be done. Never think anything is a sure thing. 24 Always be on the offensive and make all of your positions clear, direct, and unambiguous.

Be yourself. We have seen too many fake politicians trying to be something they are not. Just be yourself. Not being yourself has consequences. 25

Be direct, cite evidence, call out bullshit when you see it. Defer to experts, be organized, build your team now. Show the American people you do not just have a vision for America, but you are organized and ready to hit the ground running. Have candidates in mind for major positions – you want to communicate that from day one things will change. Have a sense of urgency to keep your team motivated, which will show the American people you understand that many problems we face as a nation need to be solved quickly. 

Support conservative policy positions that are popular and make sense. In fact, there are many conservative principles to support from their 2016 platform. 

Get all of your potential skeletons out of the closet early. Everyone has them; it is just a fact. You must work to ensure there are no October surprises. 34 Tie up any loose ends or conflicts you have with people. Remember staying on message is your most important objective and distractions will only cause you to lose. 35

Be secure. Use the highest end security software for communications. Never think that any shortcut is worth it or that any precaution is sufficient. 36

Recognize that your populist and progressive message is not and should not be your only policy point – your message is about securing American Democracy, strengthening our institutions, and creating a government that fights for and assists the common person. You, more than most people, understand it is imperative that these issues are fixed as quickly as possible. 

Use and appear on alternative news streams. For example, The Waking Up Podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, The Rubin Report,, The Young Turks, Now This, AJ+, Bill Maher. These underutilized media outlets have a more dedicated following geared toward the audience you need. Remember Millennials will be the dominant voting group, and they obtain their information mostly from internet sources. 37

Your platform needs to be two-fold: strengthening our republics institutions and fixing our economy. Most importantly, your platform needs to push for big changes, strong enough so that it cannot simply be undone in one year by a new president. 38

When you win, you need to move fast. Get results. Organize your party. Most importantly, have an agenda from day one. Seek to institute a 21st Century New Deal. 39

An Economic Agenda for the Middle Class

Strengthening Our Institutions

While your platform should include policies to fix our broken economy and help revitalize the middle-class, your platform should also include common-sense reforms to rebuild our governmental institutions and further insulate our government from tyranny. Clearly, there is a growing discontent with democracy, which I fear will only get worse.


You should seek to propose amendments with no expiration date to:

I understand the road ahead will be steep and that the days will be long, but I believe in you. Just do it. Please run for president. You have my full support.

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