A Case Against Donald Trump


Although the main topic of this blog is promoting Antitrust issues, given the recent polling of Hillary Clinton, I feel as though I have a duty to express my opinion about this election and the consequences of not voting for Hillary Clinton.

For those that plan on voting for Hillary Clinton, I encourage you to read so you will have even more arguments in your repository to fight against Trump Supporters. But I also urge you to do whatever you can to push people to vote for her.

However, this post is squarely aimed at those looking to vote for Donald Trump.

I truly want to know why you are voting for him.

Even if you hate Hillary Clinton and everything that she is, because of her personality or all of the “scandals” she has supposedly encountered in her life.

Like many of the Hillary Clinton incidents, her role in the  Benghazi attacks was blown out of proportion.

Or the Whitewater Scandal, where nothing significant was found.

And trust me, I understand that some of the actions of Hillary Clinton are nothing short of deplorable, but they will affect they way she governs. She is at the least a very intelligent woman, who knows the issues, has relationships to get legislation through Congress. Alway remember that no president has ever been effective without an effective Congress at their side (this is simply a matter of how our government works).

The reasons are glaring as to why anyone should not vote for Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is a documented liar, and on many accounts worse than Hillary Clinton, because what he is lying about has far worse consequences.

His tax plan is nothing but tax cuts for the wealthy and would create some of the largest tax deficits in history:

And, of course, the wealthiest Americans will get more tax breaks:

  • image008

His revised plan is not any better:

And the recently released Republican-controlled House plan isn’t much better:

I implore you to watch the following videos to get a sense of who Donald Trump really is:

Donald Trump’s supporters do not think he is qualified, but think Hillary Clinton is:

Numerous Republicans are on board to not support him, and that number continues to grow every day:

And the DNC has more information to fight Donald Trump than they know what to do with:

Many of his proposals that are simply unconstitutional:

He has flip-flopped on more issues than John Kerry, and it is not because he has gained new evidence:

He still subtly says President Obama is not American:

We know that Donald Trump uses scare tactics and negative statements to produce a sense of fear:

Even though we are living in the safest time in human history:

His idea for a wall is not only terrible, but is a fiscally stupid and irresponsible way to spend taxpayer money:

Building the wall would hurt our economic relationship with Mexico, ranking second among U.S. export markets and third in total U.S. trade (imports plus exports):

Besides, Immigration from Mexico is declining:

He is a vaccine denier, which can have incalculable negative public health effects:

Consequences of vaccine refusal and denial:

And vaccines DO NOT cause autism:

Donald Trump is also active climate change denier:

Even though all of the scientific evidence we know points in that direction:

Even prominent Republicans agree, or have agreed, that it is happening:

Climate change is not only happening, and it is human caused, it is presenting a risk to our national security:

What is scary is that we are already on pace to hit the worst project target of the IPCC:

We are losing in the renewable energy race, and Donald Trump has no plans to fix this:

We are killing species around the globe.

We have seen the consequences of climate change already, and it is projected to get significantly worse.

We can grow the economy under strict climate policy. California is just one example. And considering it has a population greater than Canada’s and an economy larger than Italy’s it is a big deal.

Worse off the Republican Party is the only political party in the world that denies climate change.

Donald Trump is a terrible business person:

Donald Trump would have been as wealthy as he is today regardless of his decisions.

A person who wants to literally ban the media from documenting what they say about him, and hold him accountable:

We have learned from past conservatives presidents, how awful their tax policies are for the middle class.

The Reagan tax cuts were terrible for the middle class and the Federal Budget:

The Bush tax cuts were terrible:

As those tax cuts went almost all to the top 1%. Again Donald Trump seeks not only to continue these policies, but actively expand them.

We also know that other consequences of past conservative presidents.

Bush lied about the Iraq war:

Bush’s additional foreign policy was a disaster to global confidence in the US, and President Obama has completely turned that around:

What makes this worse is that we already know what we need to do to have a better tax policy, here are just some of the proposed solutions:

We need a better tax policy more than ever given that we live in a time of vast economic inequality in this country, especially with most of the new money going to the top 1%:

We know that the GOP says the same old stuff, even though some of these positions are not true conservatism:

And they don’t even listen to their own recommendations, going as far to admit:

  • “Public perception of the Party is at record lows. Young voters are increasingly rolling their eyes at what the Party represents, and many minorities wrongly think that Republicans do not like them or want them in the country. When someone rolls their eyes at us, they are not likely to open their ears to us.”
  • https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0hXsC_S9kikNTdOcXlScGIwZkE

We live in a time where we need government for than ever to promote justice.

Fighting for LGBTQ rights, which the Republicans oppose:

Against private prisons:

Decreasing infant mortality in the United States, one of the highest in the industrialized world:

Utterly horrific loan and monetary penalty practices destroying America’s middle class:

The need for safer drinking water:

More Americans agree that we need more action to help the environment:

Regardless of your views on guns, we know guns are a problem in America and must find a way to work together to come up with a reasonable solution:

The need for Paid Parental Leave:

Rampant Gerrymandering corrupting our elections:

Insane levels of money flowing into our political system:

The need for a better justice system for Public defenders:

The solutions to all of these problems require government action of some kind. Donald Trump doesn’t even come close to the leadership we need to tackle these problems.

Even if you don’t read any of this. I ask you the following question:

How could I knowingly vote for a person, against all of the evidence, who is a pants on fire liar, a failed business person, a narcissist who puts their name on everything where it only deserves to be put on toilet paper, with zero political experience never mind zero foreign policy experience, a person who advocates unconstitutional policies, and fear mongering anti-intellectual, instead of a leader, who although has had a semi-scandalous past, most of which are conspiracy or blown up by the conservative media, is nevertheless a qualified candidate and has a track record of working with legislators to create and facilitate legislation.

If you still plan on voting for Donald Trump, what you apparently are not recognizing is that ideas have consequences and when it comes to electing a president the consequences are infinitely multiplied.

With a Donald Trump Presidency, we know exactly how his scatter brain thinks, and it is truly horrifying.

I conclude with this; I am not sprinting up the mountain for Hillary Clinton, but given the way our elections work in the United States and the consequences for even having the slightest chance of a Donald Trump presidency compel me to vote for her.

You must recognize that our government was built on consensus building, not authoritarian will. We need a person in the White House who at the very least has relationships with members of Congress, build consensus with the parties, ultimately to push legislation through, her endorsements are evidence of this.  Hillary Clinton has done this in the past and will continue to do so. Donald Trump with his “you’re fired” mentality and spur of the moment consciousness does not. It is that simple who you should vote for, Hillary Clinton.


A note to the reader

I have changed the way I make citations specifically for this article because I have made a lot of claims. Citing in this way allows readers to quickly and easily go to what I am citing so they for themselves can judge what I am saying and what I am citing.

Additionally, I recognize that Vox.com, Media Matters for America, and Think Progress are all “liberal leaning” organizations, which is why I do not exclusively cite only those sources. However the Tax Policy Center, Tax Foundation, NASA, and NPR among other organizations I have cited are not.

Also, I am sure I made some mistakes in this article, miscited something, or even completely wrong about a claim I have made. I will be glad to correct it and change the article accordingly and note it in a change log at the bottom of this article. But think for a moment, even if I am wrong on 50% of the material I have cited, the conclusion is still the same.

Moreover, understand that I cannot possibly cover every topic against Donald Trump or support all of the ideas I believe in, there are simply not enough hours in the day to cover everything, and my full-time job is not a journalist or a reporter. Limited as these statements in this post may be, they are my own, and I encourage reader input and civilized debate.

It should be said to those on the liberal side of the aisle, not every Trump supporter agrees with him or his policies. If there is one thing we have learned from this election, there are a lot of people who are facing legitimate political, social, and economic issues and they happen to believe that Donald Trump can fix them because of the destruction that he will have on the system, I just hope this post convinces them to change their mind as the consequences are simply too great.

Lastly, watch the following for a clearer picture of how great America already is.

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