An Introduction


I have recognized that markets across all industries are being infected with consolidation and anti-competitive practices. It does not take any academic distinction or advanced degree to observe that there is an eerie feeling one has upon the purchase of goods or looks deeply at the origin of any product; that more and more of them are being distributed by fewer and fewer companies and that this is not just happening to one industry, it is happening to all of them.

I unequivocally believe that a radical expansion of antitrust policy and regulation is one of the best policies to enact that can alleviate poverty, promote competitive markets, lower barriers to entry, promote entrepreneurialism, and increase consumer welfare all while creating and facilitating efficient markets.

This blog will not be a manifesto and it will certainly not be my magnum opus, I will save that for a future book.

Nevertheless, I plan on accomplishing the following with this blog:

  • Outline current and historical national and global antitrust policy and doctrines to facilitate and expand the knowledge base on these issues.
  • Provide criticisms and recommendations to current antitrust policy.
  • Receive feedback on my personal ideas and approaches to antitrust policy in order to refine my position.
  • Advocate for laws that expand antitrust policy.
  • Use this platform to allow anyone to join me on this journey to learn and promote antitrust law.
  • Provide an audience a means to understand my rationale on a public policy position.
  • Market other organizations and individuals devoted to expanding antitrust policy.

All while promising to:

  • Cite all of my work at the bottom of every post.
  • Attempt to provide various avenues for commentary on my work.
  • Should I choose to change my opinion on a position I have previously taken, I will explain why I have changed my opinion and what evidence caused the change.

And all I ask in return is:

  • That I am able to change my viewpoint on a particular issue when sufficient evidence has been presented.
  • Understand that as a lifelong learner, I am not omniscient and regardless of what I have published, I will not proclaim myself as a person who can know exactly what the right answer is or a person who claims that everything I say is correct or what you should believe.
  • Understand that given the nature of this platform, and the limitations as a human and time that it is impossible to respond to every inquiry, tweet, email, comment, post etc, although I will put forth my best effort to do so.
  • Understand that all of the views expressed on this platform and others are my own, I do not represent anyone else other than myself. Should I use someone else’s opinion, it will be properly cited.

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